Hacking Hospitality               

Unhinging the future of dining

The hospitality industry is struggling at a crucial moment. At this time, the stakeholders in the food ecosystem have a great capacity to create efficient, innovative, and satisfying experiences for clientele; and to retain and enrich London’s eminent position as an international culinary centre.

Although we have the capacity and vision, the disconnected nature of hospitality systems leaves its users at dead ends. If we can come together to create systems that are designed by the sector (and its participants) for the sector, which communicate with each other effectively, we will be able to use our own and shared data to come up with truly informed, data-driven decisions: the internet of things for the restaurateur.

Failure to do this will leave the entire industry continuing to struggle to keep up with the digital revolution. The hospitality sector is ultimately inhospitable to itself. This is a call to action: together we can transform the industry from a junk food to a super food.


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